3 Tips for Buying Art For Your Living Space

A living space without any art on its walls feels kind of incomplete, no matter how gorgeous the furnishings are. According to interior designer Tara Bernerd, art is to a room what punctuation is to a sentence. A significant piece, whether it is a picturesque landscape photograph or an abstract painting, can add personality as well as depth to what would otherwise be an ordinary space. Although, buying the right artwork can be an intimidating process. And that is why we have made a list of three simple tips that can help you out.

Buy only that which you love

Your home is a representation of the person that you are, and your artwork should also embrace the same ideal. Do not allow yourself to be driven by trends when you look for art for your walls. Pick only those pieces that you love and know that will give you true joy every time you look at them.

Color and scale are important factors to consider

A very common mistake that homeowners make when choosing artwork is ignoring its size. Size and scale will significantly affect the visual impact of a piece of art. If you want a standalone piece for, say the wall behind your sofa or bed, it is best to go for a big size. Small pieces look good only on gallery walls.

Mixing and matching always works

One way to add visual interest to a room is by mixing contrasting styles of artwork. For instance, in a room with traditional decor, you can add some modern flair with a contemporary abstract photograph. When done harmoniously, mixing and matching can achieve stunning results.

Consider these tips if you find yourself struggling to settle down on an art piece for your bedroom, living room or dining room wall.

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